Sorghum For Servicemembers

A few years ago, one of my lifelong friends, Tori (3rd from the right in above photo), was deployed to the middle east. She served as a medic, mending her comrades in the midst of battle. I can’t even imagine… During her tour, a few weeks before Christmas, she sent me a Facebook message,

“Is it possible to ship your sorghum to Afghanistan if I buy it online? I just need a little something that feels like home” 

I requested her address and sent over a couple gallons for her to share with her fellow servicemembers. To be honest, I felt a bit honored, and still do. A product my family produces was something that felt like home to her.

I don’t know if there’s any other servicemembers that know of, or even like sorghum. But if it’s something that makes them feel at home, makes them feel honored, special, loved… then that’s something we want to help with.

As a trial run for 2021, we’re offering to send 100 bottles to 100 servicemembers. Just pay $8.99 to cover the shipping, and we’ll handle the rest. When checking out, you will be required to provide shipping information.

We can only offer this to APO addresses.
Orders with invalid addresses will not be sent.