Uncle Josh's Sorghum

“I take pride in putting a product that is produced by my hands, in a bottle that bears my name. Every bottle is carefully handcrafted to provide the highest quality with a flavor that’s unforgettable.”
– Joshua Stephens

Small Batch Production

Our family has spent over 100 years perfecting our processes which allows us to produce the highest quality sorghum. We continually improve our sanitation protocols, cooking systems, and farming practices, as we strive for perfection. Using a mechanically-automated harvesting system allows us to focus more of our time in the cookhouse. All of our products are produced in our state-inspected, FDA approved facility. Each time our juice, semi-syrup, or syrup is moved, it transfers through micron filters- fifteen times to be exact. Once finished cooking, the sugar content is measured with a refractometer. If the pail meets our quality standards, it is hand-bottled.

Real People Real Reviews

Just tried your sorghum for the first time today! Thank You for your dedication to your product!

Sarah C.

Bought some @ Weber store yesterday. Delicious on biscuits

Patti S.

It’s good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett S.

Really enjoy this product. It belongs on every table in America! 5 stars

Micah A.

Best daggum Sorghum this side of the Mississippi

Corey J.

It’s delicious and healthy!

Jaime S.

You won’t find someone who values the quality of their product as much as Uncle Josh! Hands down the best.

Page T.

Hands down best sorghum on the market.

Devin W.

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Our Promise

Our commitment to producing the world’s best tasting, most consistent sorghum stretches back over 100 years. Although we already operate in the most technologically advanced sorghum cookhouse ever created, we continually challenge ourselves to improve. We focus on improving our sanitation protocols, cooking equipment, and farming practices. If we feel like any sorghum we produce is inferior, for any reason whatsoever, it doesn’t get bottled. From before the seeds are planted, until the last bottle is filled, every decision is made with quality in mind. We hope you fall in love with our quality products, as much as we love the tradition.

School Tours!

Take the classroom to the farm for a hands-on learning experience! Hancock County, Ky has claimed itself as the Sorghum Capital of the World for decades. Students can learn firsthand about the history of the impact that sorghum had on our local area and state overall. Tour the fields and learn about plants and farming practices. Lastly, we focus on the science behind processing sorghum cane juice into sorghum syrup while in the cookhouse. Interested in bringing your students? Click below!